We have a self-produced CD, containing more than 23 of our favorite songs, for sale for $5. You can pick one up at Typhoon Restaurant, at any of our performances, or write to us at thebalkansituations@gmail.com and we’ll send you one in the mail. Listen to 5 of the tracks here… or just click on the highlighted tracks below.

Some people think the album is called “The Completely Bearable Light-Headedness of Being The Balkan Situations,” some people think the album is self-titled, while others believe the album has no title…you decide for yourself. Regardless of this indeterminacy, the CD does feature the following 23 tracks:

  1. Valle E Gajdes / Ajde Jano
  2. Pusztí
  3. A Tribute To Florin Salam
  4. Pena
  5. Raiko
  6. Üsküdar / Nihavend Lunga
  7. Csak Egy Kislány Van A Világon
  8. Krivo Horo
  9. Hora Boiereasca De La Bogdanesti
  10. Dianca Din Dolj
  11. Djurdjevdan
  12. Jovano Jovanke
  13. Makedonsko
  14. Dragaicuta De La Rasova
  15. Amikor Én Még Kissrác Voltam
  16. Kiszáradt A Bodzafa / Piros Alma Csumája
  17. Ciuleandra
  18. Sigh (“a sigh is just a sigh…”)
  19. Lume, Lume
  20. Katyusha / Kalinka
  21. Aromaneasca
  22. Bubamara
  23. Voi Voi Voi

CD cover art by Thomposter


  1. “The Balkan Situations” rules!
    I fortunately heard you at Typhoon while visiting our daughter, Julia, who attends Wesleyan – fantastic music- I was absolutely transported! She then sent me your CD, which is great. It is now semi-permanently/permanently located in my car CD player. I think the first time I heard Balkan traditional music was when I belonged to a folk dance troupe in middle school (in Berkeley, CA), and one of our dances was to this style of music – and I loved it so much then but never heard much more until now. I have played violin/fiddle since 6 yrs old so for 50 yrs – (but only off and on as an adult – lately I’ve played in a German style oom-pah band and occasionally sit in with a folk music jam circle sometimes) – and I am really in awe of your group!
    I am really wondering where/how you learned and/or improvised all these great tunes?! You are all so talented and you are now my favorite group, period.
    Thank you for being – “The Balkan Situations”!
    Your fan,
    Irene K.
    Petoskey, Michigan

  2. I found you guys over Youtube searching for a video of Gankino Horo, amazing! I have only just started getting into this style of music, mostly through Fishtank Ensemble, Farmers Market, and Estradasphere. Where would be a good source to find the music to learn some of these fantastic songs?

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