Balkan Ballot!

February 28, 2007

To our beloved fans, a mission from Animal Puzzo :

the balkan situations exist, and that’s nice. i feel a
special connection to them because they play a lot of
songs that i am familiar with, and it’s always
exciting for me to hear them do a version of a song i
know. many people who see the balkan situations play,
however, may not know anything about the songs they
are hearing or where they come from. i thought it
would be great for a person who is seeing the band
play for the first time to be able to get involved
with the band so that the next time they see them
they’ll feel like they are a part of what’s happening
onstage (and thus more susceptible to fits of dancing,
stomping, clapping, hooting, whistling, money tossing,

so i stole this idea from the band “the minutemen”,
who handed out ballots to their audience for them to
decide what songs would go on their upcoming live
album, which they titled “ballot result.”

i put together a tape of some songs i really loved and
gave it to the band. now it’s up to you fans to
decide what you’d like to hear the band play. my pick:

So we leave our future in your hands: listen to this beautiful music, pick your favorite song, and send us an email at thebalkansituations@gmail.com. A few lucky participants will even get free stickers!

1 – yugoslav village 1!

2 – O Kostandas Ki O Kostandis

3 – to fisouni

4 – duce-m-as la mindra mea

5 – yugoslav village 2!!

6 – jatekos lakodalm itancok

7 – mahala

8 – carpathian mts 1

9 – yugoslav village 3!!!

10 – otan kiriseis

11 – carpathian mt. lady

12 – carpathian mt. gentleman

13 – carpathian mt. kid

14 – yugoslav village IV

15 – Oas Dance

16 – sirba

17 – O Broufas

18 – old ladies! Northern Aegean

19 – Macedonian folk dances vol. III

20 – Maios

21 – Western Macedonia 1

22 – Western Macedonia 2

55 minutes later, Animal Puzzo had this to say:

the balkan situations are the best musicians in the
village, but they love it when we the rabble join in
on their rabble-rousing..(props to Vanja Zoric for
Djurdjevan!!!!!!) they’ve even asked me to sing with
them, but i feel a little intimidated by some of their
song selections, which they tackle with virtuosity,
vivacity and verve. I made a tape which i thought
would have some really challenging ones for them (the
hardest of which, mahala, they’ve already
learned!!!!!) but which has a lot of songs that the
fans may be able to learn (so we can be more
susceptible to bouts of singing, dancing, stomping,
clapping, hooting, whistling, plate smashing, etc.) my
pick: yugoslav village 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. did i say yugoslav village 2? i really meant yugoslav village 3. hahha

  2. Contrary to my expectations, I find O Kostandas Ki O Kostandis to be my favorite. Don’t understand a word of it but I find the song and the delivery enchanting just like the rest of the Balkan Situations music. This stuff goes deep. Really deep. Anybody have an idea what the song is about?

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